About Us

Simon Cooper

SC Gardening started way back in 1999 when Simon Cooper answered an advert in a local newspaper looking for someone to help out at a large garden for 2 days per week.

Over 20 years later, having moved from sole trader to limited company, and now with 7 full-time staff, SC Gardening are still looking after that same garden, alongside many, many others.

Why are we trusted to look after gardens for over 2 decades?

The main reason is that anyone who asks us to look after their garden will be looked after by us.

They will be given a professional service that is hard working, well organised, reliable, friendly and driven by firm horticultural principles.

Our motto is "Keeping Your Garden As You Wish It To Be" because we listen to what you want from a gardening service and how you want your garden to be, and then we do everything within our power (and your budget) to provide this.

Tara Cooper

SC Gardening has grown steadily over the years and since 2016 has been a limited company. We are a family run business with Tara Cooper managing the office, arranging quotes and handling the accounts.

Hard Work & Helpfulness

Many people comment to us on how hard it is to find someone who wants to work in their garden.

We have solved this problem by hiring only people who have a strong desire to work outdoors and get stuck into the mucky world of gardening!

As well as receiving outside industry training, our gardeners are mainly trained within the company. Simon learned to garden this way, through the practical side of the job, and became a full member of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture in 2014, mainly though his years of practical knowledge.

Now, alongside on-going professional training we have an intensive 6 month training process. Our training produces gardeners who are practically minded, know how to follow the maintenance plan for each garden and know how to carry out this work to a high standard and produce a great finish.

And, perhaps most important of all, our gardeners are friendly, hard working, and happy to help. Just ask our many satisfied clients....