Wildflowers and Meadows

Wildfowers and Meadows

Wildflowers in our gardens is a growing trend. The display they produce is impressive to the eye, good for bees and other beneficial insects and also very individual.

If you would like SC Gardening to create a wildflower area in your garden,  there are three approaches to choose from.

The first approach, seen below, is to sow only wildflower annuals such as poppy, corn chamomile and corn marigold into ready prepared ground. To create this display, which lasts all summer, the process must be repeated yearly.

2013 Gardening April - Sept Blackberry 007 R2013 Gardening April - Sept Blackberry 087 Rwildflowers wildflowers

The second approach, shown in the remaining photos is to set aside a dedicated area as a permanent wildflower meadow. Here, an intial sowing of perrenial grasses and flowers are mixed with annuals sown yearly. The display is different every year and changes throughout the summer. The first three photos show year one. The second three photos show year two.

meadowwildflowers meadowCopy of 2012 September 158   wildflowers meadow2013 Gardening April - Sept Blackberry 0812013 Gardening April - Sept Blackberry 138

The final approach (photos to follow) is to create a hybrid area of both wildflowers, shrubs, and herbaceous perrenials within an existing grassland. Shrubs such as hypericum and buddleia are chosen that suit a wild approach, as are perrenials such as crocosmia and bulbs such as daffodils and iris. This approach does require regular maintenance to keep the grass and weeds from taking over, but it is a simple way to dispense with mowing an area of grassland and at the same time make it colourful and interesting.

The establishment and maintenance of a wildflower area, meadow or hybrid meadow is only available for clients on one of our regular maintenance programmes.