Garden Services

Clicking on the titles or images below will take you to a page dedicated to each subject and photos showing examples of our work. Thank you to all SC Gardening’s clients for their kind permission to use photos of their properties to illustrate these garden services.

Lawn Mowing2015 May STRIPES 025

Enjoy the classic country garden look with a striped lawn when you take on our regular mowing package.


Garden ServicesShrubs and Flowers

These elements are key forĀ gardens large or small. Keeping beds weed free and well edged and flowers in bloom does wonders for the appearance of any garden.

Garden ServicesHedge Cutting and Topiary

A well cut hedge is a thing of beauty, and one of the garden services that has greatest impact on the look of any property. If you need topiary maintained we are experienced in this specialist service.

Garden ServicesLandscaping

We take on soft landscaping projects only, that is, the creation of beds and borders, either edged and mulched or left natural.

Garden ServicesSedum Roof Installation

Sedum roof, green roof, eco roof, call it what you want, it certainly is a unique feature in any garden.

Garden ServicesWildflowers and Meadows

The conversion of grass areas into wildflower meadows and/or the creation of hybrid areas, part meadow, part perrenial, part shrub.

Garden ServicesPower Washing

Most gardens have a patio/decking area that needs brought back to life with a good clean.

Garden ServicesFruit and Vegetables

Many of us have a passion for vegetable gardening. SC Gardening use a low maintenance version where possible that keeps weeding to a minimum.

Garden ServicesComposting

Large gardens in particular can make use of grass cuttings or leaf fall to make excellent compost and leaf mold. These can then be used to enrich and mulch beds and hedges.

Garden ServicesLog Splitting

A service particularly for winter. With professional equipment a great deal of wood can be turned into fuel relatively quickly.